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Drawings From The Ege - Artwork Of Dee Stewart


Welcome... Oils and Watercolors 


Please note that these reduced thumbprint sized jpg's do not represent the fine line quality of the original paintings.  The prints posted here have been deliberately scanned at a low rate to discourage copying.

Prices quoted include shipping fee's, and are for prints on Archival Matte Paper, although Canvas and Oil prints are available.  Sizes shown are for the most requested sizes, although other sizes are available. 

Purchased Artwork does not include grey matting shown on thumbnail pictures.


"Passion" By Dee Stewart


By Dee Stewart



"My Strength" By Dee Stewart

"My Strength"

By Dee Stewart

My Strength


"A Separate World" By Dee Stewart

"A Separate World" 

By Dee Stewart

A Separate World

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